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May 18, 2014

Saturday May 10, 2014 was a collaborative Adopt-a-thon event among the Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming stores. We are lucky enough to have a few stores right here in the southwest Florida area. I stopped by two of the stores close to me, Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch

I started off at the Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming store here in Sarasota. There were four amazing rescue organizations there, Satchel's Last Resort, Hooves, Paws, and Claws Animal Sanctuary, Canine Castaways, and Vintage Paws Sanctuary

Here are few residents from Satchel's Last Resort.  DogStreetPetPhotography adoptathon-1

These three little peanuts are from Vintage Paws Sanctuary

DogStreetPetPhotography adoptathon-2

Below are a few from Canine Castaways.

DogStreetPetPhotography adoptathon-3

Just as I was getting ready to head over to the other store, this happened...I think it was love at first sight for these two.

DogStreetPetPhotography adoptathon-4

When I arrived at the Woof Gang in Lakewood Ranch, the Humane Society of Lakewood Ranch had already left, but Nate's Honor Animal Rescue was just arriving. Below are a few pups and kittens they brought along.

DogStreetPetPhotography adoptathon-5

DogStreetPetPhotography adoptathon-6

DogStreetPetPhotography adoptathon-7

It was such a wonderful event. A Big Thank You to all the Woof Gang stores that opened up their doors to rescue organizations in their communities. Many of the smaller rescues don't have the funds or resources to hold events like this on their own and it is so important that the public is exposed to them whenever possible.

Here are links to the rescue organizations from the event:

Nate's Honor Animal Rescue - http://www.nateshonoranimalrescue.org/

Hooves, Paws, and Claws Animal Sanctuary of Florida - http://www.hooves-paws-n-claws.org/

Satchel's Last Resort - http://satchelslastresort.org/

Canine Castaways - http://www.caninecastaways.org/

Vintage Paws Sanctuary - http://www.vintagepaws.org/

Lakewood Ranch Humane Society - http://hslwr.org/

Satchel's Last Resort | Shelter Dogs | Florida Pet Photography

Last Week I was able to go out to Satchel's Last Resort in Sarasota.  Satchels is the end of the road for many of unwanted animals, taking in what some may seem as high risk. Operating on a shoe string budget, Satchel's is not fancy by any means, but they are sure functional, as well as resourceful.  They have a free roaming cat room as well with upwards of 45 cats available for adoption.

Satchel's Last Resort is one of the smaller operated animal sanctuaries.  They work miracles out there and are in constant need of support in way of food, supplies, equipment, and donations.  Satchel's is operating at full capacity right now and really need to find some of these sweet souls a forever home.  If you are looking to adopt or know someone that is, please visit their website at www.satchelslastresort.com to see all of the animals they have up for adoption.  They are appointment only so give them a call to set up a visit.

These dogs deserve a chance at life. Once out of the confines of the kennel area and into the huge open outdoor play area, where I photographed them, they all seemed to light up like little fire crackers, full of life, happiness, and love. 

Cookie is a perfect example of this. Wow, what a bundle of pure joy not to mention she is super cute.

Summer is a real beauty with lots of puppy energy.  She is super smart too. Once she found out about the treats in my pocket, she did everything I asked her to.

This is Nika and Duke. Nika is super funny and cuddly. Duke is a new resident and was a bit hesitant of both me and my camera so I had to be very creative in sneaking in a few shots. He is an absolutely beautiful black shepherd.

This is Harley and Tiga and they are just like peas and carrots.  When Tiga came to Satchels, she was very shy and timid.  Harley took her right under his wing and now they are fast friends and Tiga is beginning to come out of her shell. Hopefully they will find a home together.

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